Governor Rauner glaring inexperience

There’s a reason Rauner’s poll numbers are tanking, it’s because he’s a poor governor. Rauner bought the governorship of Illinois as a stepping stone to higher office for 26 million dollars. Rauner pulled the wool over the eyes of the citizens of Illinois. For that 26 million we bought a poor manager  and an even poorer statesman. His a captive of his own zealotry and his inability to compromise.

In office for over 2 years Rauner has nothing in the way of accomplishments. He thought he could bulldoze his “Turnaround agenda” through a Democratic House and Senate. Unfortunately that’s not how the world works-in any state. As governor, you have to work with both chambers of the legislature. That’s how other Republican governors bearing the names Thompson and Edgar did things and reached goals. One strategy he should have employed was the use of his amendatory veto to bring the budget in line with revenue. Rauner vetoed the entire budget and pointed his finger at the Democrats.  Right now we have deficit, court ordered, spending that continues to balloon the deficit and tank the bond rating. Rauner’s inexperience is showing in that he will not compromise which is what has to be done to govern. No, Rauner is not a success by any measure.

His plans to crush unions have nothing to do with a budget, are thinly veiled attack on the working class. It’s also an attack on teachers who for some reason Rauner believes make too much money. It is not the fault of teachers and other public sector employees that the state of Illinois for many years did not pay into their pension funds. Now Rauner  wants to punish those who have worked hard to educate our children. Look no further than Kansas a failed Tea Party state that sacrificed its budget on the altar of tax cuts that has plunged the state into smoking ruin.

Time is up for Chicago, time is up for Illinois?  People are leaving the state? Many Baby Boomers are retiring and moving to states like Colorado, Florida, South Carolina. This has more to do with climate than the state. News flash Diane, without Chicago, Illinois would be Alabama or Mississippi. Chicago Schools are not the worst in the nation, the school system in Mississippi and Louisiana are far worse. Chicago has a significant tax base that feeds Illinois.  It’s the economic engine that attracts anyone to the state of Illinois. There aren’t jobs beyond fast food? Yes there are if you have an education. Forrest Claypool, the board’s chief executive officer, has faulted what he calls an inequitable school-funding system that’s helped push the district to the “financial breaking point.” While Illinois contributes about $2,266 per student to teacher pensions in districts outside of Chicago, the city gets only $31 per student, bond documents show. Chicago’s pension system was only 52 percent funded as of June 30. Schools are funded by property taxes which leave some of the poorest areas in Chicago with little funding.




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