More on Tea Partiers who run for office

So now Ms Benjamin misuses Social media and information she gleaned from public records.

The first glaring ethical issue is Benjamin’s use of a rival’s Facebook post. She cut and pasted the entire post without regard for anyone’s privacy. People who posted on that post are now receiving hate posts. Where does Ms. Benjamin get the chutzpah to do the unethical? Does she really think that she’s going to win with these tactics? She isn’t, her latest post stated that her rival is “running scared”, but the fact is her entire blog is a desperate ploy to stay relevant. It’s the Trumpification of politics. Nothing is too outrageous or over the top. Lying? Check. Distortion of facts? Check.

She then used public information to insinuate that her rival’s property taxes were not paid. The only problem is that Mr. Selzer paid his taxes and the late penalties. Why exactly is Ms. Benjamin bringing this up? More dirty tactics by her inability to read and understand what she is viewing. The larger issue is that Ms. Benjamin is using her “journalist” title to abuse journalism. It is now the fashion to use blogs to champion a cause. However Ms. Benjamin leaves all objectivity in the rear view mirror. She can’t have it both ways, she can not state that she is a journalist and distort facts, she can not say that she is a muckraker and lie about such obvious fact like someone not paying taxes when they were clearly paid. She is now running for office, and her zealotry is getting in the way.  This is not the first or the last time Ms. Benjamin twists things to appear dishonest when there no dishonesty. This will end in her not being elected. The Tea Party meme is to circle around conspiracies. I’m sure she’ll be on her blog stating that it was the political system that was at fault, when it was her delusions and hubris.

Installment Date Due Tax Billed* Penalty Billed Cost Billed Drainage Billed Total Billed Amount Paid Total Unpaid
First 06/01/2015 $2,696.55 $202.24 $0.00 $0.00 $2,898.79 $2,898.79 $0.00
Second 09/01/2015 $2,696.55 $80.90 $74.00 $0.00 $2,851.45 $2,851.45 $0.00
Total $5,393.10 $283.14 $74.00 $0.00 $5,750.24 $5,750.24 $0.00

Tea Partiers who run for office

It’s an article of faith with Tea Partiers that they don’t want to pay for services and equipment, apparently believing that all services and needs come from fairy dust not taxes and fees. When they run for local offices they display a disregard for simple public finances. In 2012, the West Chicago Tea Party members seized control of a public library as board members. They immediately stood out for their glaring ignorance of library operations and their failure to grasp the most basic fundamentals of public finance. That group nearly ran a public library into the ground. It took 2 elections to vote them out and restore sanity to the library.

The same is true of a McLean County woman who is running for local office. She constantly compares apples to oranges, cherry picks facts and has a glaring disregard for public finance. She doesn’t understand the difference between Capital funds and operating funds. You can not fund police cars and fire trucks from operating funds, they must be financed through capital funds. In her post she completely misreads a capital fund statement for the Fire Department rescue pump.  Through the lease of the rescue pumper the city would be SAVING money of some $16, 200 at lower interest rates. Instead of lauding this move, this office seeker insinuates that there is something nefarious and dishonest. The fact is it is she who can’t read a simple statement that when using capital funds which is exactly what those fund are for, the city is actually saving money. I wonder where exactly she thinks revenue is going to be generated with no taxes or fees. One also has to wonder what exactly are her solutions to anything other than to close Coliseum and have another empty building. If I was the mayor or the city manager of Bloomington, I be suing her for libel.


Many Tea Partiers like to get their feet wet in local elections hoping to go on to bigger and better public office. The problem is that they are polarizing and intransigent making working in Congress or any other public office impossible.

This disconnect between reality and ideology can be seen in the budget that Obama sent to Congress. This budget includes a higher deficits, in part because of myriad tax cuts that Mr. Obama and Congress agreed in December to make permanent. That would make this year’s shortfall equal to 3.3 percent of the economy’s output, or gross domestic product, up from 2.5 percent. That exceeds the 3 percent threshold that economists consider sustainable for a growing economy. The only verifiably stupid spending in the budget is on defense, which generates the lowest rate of return on investment. You want to cut spending? Cut it there. And raise taxes on the rich, as their spending also does less for overall economic activity because much of it is on luxury goods, which produce less economic benefit. I doubt the Tea Party which has a hold on Republicans in Congress have any wisdom to do the right thing for our country or our economy. The gospel of trickle down and starve the beast has been shown to be a failure in the economic collapse of 2008.


Misuse of FIOA by bloggers


So, what happens when a one person can easily make requests for FOIA that are, to all intents and purposes, selfish? Diane Benjamin is generating FOIA request to generate stories for her blog. A few weeks ago she saw an fender bender and FOIA the Police for that incident because she was curious. She made a FOIA request to the Allin Township Fire Department, some of the information she could not have because of HIPPA laws. Why exactly is she making these request? Busybody? Nothing better to do? She is making these request to further her “political” career. She is running as a write-in candidate  the McLean County Board. Ms. Benjamin is using her FOIA rights to attack anything she doesn’t like, Bloomington Airport, the City Zoo, the Public Library, and Bloomington’s Entertainment US Cellular Coliseum.  According to Ms. Benjamin, every single person in Bloomington and Normal should own an automobile, there should be no publicly run  buses, no bike paths for the sizable student population to use. You know, Ms. Benjamin and her friends don’t use these amenities, so there’s absolutely positively no need. There should be no entertainment, because, heck, Ms. Benjamin and friends see no need. She and her Tea Party buddies don’t want to pay for anything. Ms. Benjamin admits that she has not been to the to the Coliseum in “years”. What’s her beef with the Coliseum? She can’t see their concession financial reports. See, Ms. Benjamin is a bean counter. She LOVES to obsess over taxes that are paid for entertainment. According to her blog there “might” be some financial silly business that she can’t see.

Bizarrely other managing companies have sent Ms. Benjamin their pitches to run the venue. Why exactly do they think that someone who just writes a blog has any input into who manages that venue? Apparently Ms. Benjamin imagines she has a lot of power.

Hmmm….Have WordPress blog will FOIA–Should I FOIA the McLean Tea Party? I think all this power is going to someone’s head.