Misuse of FIOA by bloggers


So, what happens when a one person can easily make requests for FOIA that are, to all intents and purposes, selfish? Diane Benjamin is generating FOIA request to generate stories for her blog. A few weeks ago she saw an fender bender and FOIA the Police for that incident because she was curious. She made a FOIA request to the Allin Township Fire Department, some of the information she could not have because of HIPPA laws. Why exactly is she making these request? Busybody? Nothing better to do? She is making these request to further her “political” career. She is running as a write-in candidate  the McLean County Board. Ms. Benjamin is using her FOIA rights to attack anything she doesn’t like, Bloomington Airport, the City Zoo, the Public Library, and Bloomington’s Entertainment US Cellular Coliseum.  According to Ms. Benjamin, every single person in Bloomington and Normal should own an automobile, there should be no publicly run  buses, no bike paths for the sizable student population to use. You know, Ms. Benjamin and her friends don’t use these amenities, so there’s absolutely positively no need. There should be no entertainment, because, heck, Ms. Benjamin and friends see no need. She and her Tea Party buddies don’t want to pay for anything. Ms. Benjamin admits that she has not been to the to the Coliseum in “years”. What’s her beef with the Coliseum? She can’t see their concession financial reports. See, Ms. Benjamin is a bean counter. She LOVES to obsess over taxes that are paid for entertainment. According to her blog there “might” be some financial silly business that she can’t see.

Bizarrely other managing companies have sent Ms. Benjamin their pitches to run the venue. Why exactly do they think that someone who just writes a blog has any input into who manages that venue? Apparently Ms. Benjamin imagines she has a lot of power.

Hmmm….Have WordPress blog will FOIA–Should I FOIA the McLean Tea Party? I think all this power is going to someone’s head.



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