More on Tea Partiers who run for office

So now Ms Benjamin misuses Social media and information she gleaned from public records.

The first glaring ethical issue is Benjamin’s use of a rival’s Facebook post. She cut and pasted the entire post without regard for anyone’s privacy. People who posted on that post are now receiving hate posts. Where does Ms. Benjamin get the chutzpah to do the unethical? Does she really think that she’s going to win with these tactics? She isn’t, her latest post stated that her rival is “running scared”, but the fact is her entire blog is a desperate ploy to stay relevant. It’s the Trumpification of politics. Nothing is too outrageous or over the top. Lying? Check. Distortion of facts? Check.

She then used public information to insinuate that her rival’s property taxes were not paid. The only problem is that Mr. Selzer paid his taxes and the late penalties. Why exactly is Ms. Benjamin bringing this up? More dirty tactics by her inability to read and understand what she is viewing. The larger issue is that Ms. Benjamin is using her “journalist” title to abuse journalism. It is now the fashion to use blogs to champion a cause. However Ms. Benjamin leaves all objectivity in the rear view mirror. She can’t have it both ways, she can not state that she is a journalist and distort facts, she can not say that she is a muckraker and lie about such obvious fact like someone not paying taxes when they were clearly paid. She is now running for office, and her zealotry is getting in the way.  This is not the first or the last time Ms. Benjamin twists things to appear dishonest when there no dishonesty. This will end in her not being elected. The Tea Party meme is to circle around conspiracies. I’m sure she’ll be on her blog stating that it was the political system that was at fault, when it was her delusions and hubris.

Installment Date Due Tax Billed* Penalty Billed Cost Billed Drainage Billed Total Billed Amount Paid Total Unpaid
First 06/01/2015 $2,696.55 $202.24 $0.00 $0.00 $2,898.79 $2,898.79 $0.00
Second 09/01/2015 $2,696.55 $80.90 $74.00 $0.00 $2,851.45 $2,851.45 $0.00
Total $5,393.10 $283.14 $74.00 $0.00 $5,750.24 $5,750.24 $0.00

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